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Individual Study Program

    • To enroll in the Deaf Bible Institute Program, you must first register online.
    • After you register, click on the first course to view or download a PDF of the study booklet.
    • When you have finished studying the first course, take the quiz.
    • Only one course may be studied at a time. When you take the quiz, you will immediately see your results, and your grade will be sent to the supervisor at Silent Word Ministries. If you receive a score of 70% or higher correct answers, we will send you an email with a password to unlock the next course. If you receive a score of 69% or lower, you will need to study again and retake the quiz.

You will be studying twenty different courses in the Old and New Testament.  A certificate will be sent upon completion of a series and a diploma upon completion of all twenty required lessons. Hundreds of deaf people have enrolled and say, “It is just like Bible college.” Register to enroll today!

Note: These course materials can also be received through postal mail. Opportunities for group study programs are available as well, but there is a small cost for materials. Please contact the Silent Word Ministries Home Office for more information: E-mail or 706-657-8000.

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